Brekeke PBX

List of supported SIP IP-PBX Feature

Evaluation Commercial
Includes SIP Proxy/Registrar Server
(See detailed support feature - "SIP Server for PBX")
Max Users
(Available in 20 user increments: e.g., 20, 40, 60, ... 2,000)
10 20 and up
Max Concurrent Sessions 10 Max Users
Add/Remove Forward Destination
Auto Attendant
Auto Attendant Schedule
Customizable Guidance File
Multiple Auto Attendants
Automatic Route Selection (ARS)
Call Interval Settings
Customizable Route Selection (priority, session, destination, callee)
DTMF Generation
Template Rules for ITSPs and GWs
Automatic Route Selection (ARS) Failover
(Call Route Survivability)
BLF (Busy Lamp Field)
Call Forwarding
Busy/No Answer Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding Schedule
Unconditional Call Forwarding
Call Hold
Call Hunting
Call Log
Call Transfer
Attended Transfer
Blind Transfer
Intercom Transfer
Transfer to Voicemail
Call Monitoring
Automatic Monitoring
Supervising Mode
Silent Monitoring
Tutor Mode
Call Park
Call Pick Up
Call Pick Up
Call Pick Up Group
Call Queue
Call Recording
Call Schedule
Codec Support
G.711 u-Law, A-Law
G.729 (Annex A)
Conference (Multi-Way Calling)
Convene Conference
Invite Attendee
Multiple Conference Rooms
Scheduled/Instant Conference
Confirm Call
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
Forwarding Patterns
Intercom (2-way)
IVR Designer/IVR Script Optional
Max Session Setting
Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
Multi-Tenancy Optional
System Default Music-on-Hold
Personalized Music-on-Hold
Near-End and Far-End NAT Traversal
Paging (1-way: Unicast & Multicast)
Public Announce (Broadcasting)
Real-time Call Status View
Redundancy/Survivability Optional
Restore and Backup Backup
Ring Groups (Simultaneous Ringing)
Ringer Time Settings
SCA (Shared Call Appearence)
SRTP (*1)
TCP Support
Default Greetings
Customizable Greetings
Name Recording
Email Notification
Voicemail Forwarding
Voicemail Forwarding to Email
Recording Comments to Messages
Web Phone 2 clients Optional (*2)
WebRTC Connectivity 2 Optional
Brekeke PAL WebSocket Optional
Web Service
Automatic Route Selection (ARS) Search Plug-in
Recorded Audio Files Plug-in

(*1) Without an additional option, available only less than 250 concurrent encrypted data channels. Contact us if you require more SRTP capacity.

(*2) Require Brekeke PAL option and WSS transport protocol option.

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