Enable SIP communication with Nurse Call System

Brekeke SIP Server

Brekeke solutions facilitate the integration of the latest in SIP and VoIP technology within environments previously reliant upon outdated, legacy or analog communication networks—especially useful within environments where downtime and service interruptions simply aren’t options. Any environment where users expect flawless communication across a wide variety of platforms can benefit, with clients ranging from the hospitality & customer service industries to the healthcare sector raving about our ability to keep all members of a team in touch—regardless of how they choose to do so.

SIP Nurse Call System Diagram - Network Structure

Brekeke SIP Server helps with Nurse Call System

Brekeke SIP Server helps create a reliable SIP communication environment for a nurse call system and other SIP devices in the hospital environment. Brekeke SIP Server’s superior flexibility provides a median server that negotiates SIP connectivity between a nurse call system and other third-party products, such as SIP phones, SIP IP-PBX and nurse call handsets.

What does Brekeke SIP Server do?

Brekeke SIP Server supports industry-standard SIP, which allows connectivity with any devices and services that support SIP. Although the SIP protocol has industry standards, some devices and services have their own unique methods of processing calls or interpreting the RFC standard. With Brekeke SIP Server’s Dialplan feature, we can provide mediation between the SIP signals for devices and services that could otherwise not be connected.

Why Brekeke SIP Server?

There are many reasons why system engineers and vendors in the healthcare system love working with Brekeke SIP Server. It runs on multiple operating systems, has an easy installation and offers a clean and well-designed administrative tool. Most of all, customers love Brekeke SIP Server because it provides the solution for almost any requirements or settings they want to use. With the flexible Dialplan feature, Brekeke SIP Server can help you provide a solution to any complicated multi-vendor system that you want to create.