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With the help of VoIP technology and cloud computing, modern call centers have greatly changed their shape and the way they operate. A cloud call center can provide outstanding service without requiring that agents or facility are located physically in an office. The system is hosted in the cloud so agents and call center managers can access it remotely. This type of system can offer a very short integration period, as well as a much lower cost, compared to the traditional contact center system. As a result, a cloud-based system is perfect for clients who need to set up a call center quickly without a large upfront investment.

SIP Remote Office Telephony System Diagram - Network Structure


Client: Telephony System Integrator
Location: Japan

This particular telecom/network system integrator had been offering integration services for Brekeke CCS with CPE (customer premise-based equipment) licensing. Every system was installed for each customer’s needs and configured for the individual client.

Over the years, the company had been forced to drop projects that were too large for them to take on. The company was simply too small to make sense of the upfront investment in the call center system, as well as the operating costs required.

Using Brekeke CCS, this telephony integrator decided to set up a cloud contact center system that they could host and administer for their customers. Since many of these customers only required 50 or fewer agents, the cloud solution was perfect in terms of the cost to the customers, in addition to minimizing their administrative expenses. As a result, the company began offering cloud (hosted) call centers to their customers in the spring of 2012. Their call center services included features like ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), Call Recording, Reporting and CRM.


Since each customer only had a limited number of agents, it didn’t make sense for them to develop their own system or to assign a designated system engineer. The company needed to host multiple customers with minimal maintenance costs and administrative tasks. None of the customers required a customized contact center system, but all of them required at least the basic contact center features. This integrator needed to have a product that offers a wide range of contact center features with affordable pricing.

Results and Benefits:

Brekeke CCS offers a powerful multi-tenant feature, so it’s perfectly suited for use as a cloud call center. Also, as an additional benefit of using Brekeke’s robust products, companies can host 100 tenants per server. By installing Brekeke CCS, they were easily able to host all of their tenants on a single server. Initially there was only one server needed, but the demand for new and existing customers kept increasing so they now host several servers to provide for their customers.

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